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We turn obstacles into opportunities

We turn obstacles into opportunities

Life happens outside our comfort zone.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Great things never came from comfort zones.

These are awesome motivational instagram posts and they are all 100% TRUE. But, reading them and applying them to life’s shitty scenarios is a whole different elephant.

Life is hard

As easy as some make it appear to the world, everyone has their hard.

This post is hard to write. It is exhausting to be creative and witty and impactful week after week after week. Sometimes I just want to sit in my circumstances and be Ms. Grumpy Pants #truth.

We own a farm. We love the farm. It is what birthed TUF. It brought Nick home. It is a huge part of who we are and what we stand for: Change the world through food. The farm is exhausting. It is frustrating. It is unrelenting. It is not our job, it is part of our life. We welcome this, but it is hard. We lost all of our restaurants over the summer. The aphids were at an all time high this year. One battle after another. We cried UNCLE.

Dashel. Enough said there.

We are going keto-tarian (click here). This means no sugar, no grain, no beer, low carb, etc. Did I mention no beer, no cake, no crusty french bread? My Italian husband is crying on the inside (and outside). We committed to 4 weeks to see how we felt, how it impacted our lives and if we wanted this to be a part of our lifestyle.

There is opportunity in all of this….

This post pushed me to be diligent and do the work - something that impacts every level of living, including being a good role model to my children. The ‘failures’ of the farm allowed us to really examine whether we were aligned with our mission and the space to pivot. Dashel has given us our greatest challenge as parents, but we are learning grace. We are appreciating his unique spirit and it is changing the way that we parent all of our children. Ketotarian: This has taught me that my love of scones is deep and real. I am so thankful for the opportunity for this fact to be brought to light. There is always a lesson.

As humans, we like our problems. We know our problems. Our problems are comfortable. Our brain actual prefers our known ‘issues’ versus the pursuit of new and unknown ‘blessings’.

So, if there actually is opportunity amidst the obstacle, how do we do it? How do we shift? How do we take the bleak and polish it?

It’s not until we seek the opportunities that we can find them.

Mindset is our most powerful ally OR our greatest adversary. Here is the beautiful part: We get to choose. We can learn to look beyond the circumstances. We can learn to find the lesson. We can decide to do the work and have a grateful heart. As Jean Houston once said, “If you keep telling the same sad, small story. You will be living the same sad, small life.”

Decide today. How am I going to show up? Will I be paralyzed by my obstacles and circumstances or will I seek and rise?

Go forth and conquer. YOU are a badass. Choose amazing.

We bring people together

We bring people together

We laugh

We laugh