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Hallelujah Anyway

Hallelujah Anyway

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

~ Pema Chondron~


What is the recurrent theme in your life? What keeps happening that has you on your knees? What do you wish would just STOP? The beautiful part - these are the moments that shape our lives. These are the moments where we have a choice. These are the moments that define our character. Will we lean in and learn? Or continue to throw our hands in the air and exclaim “why me?”

Our life has been C R A Z Y lately. Of course it is with 5 kids, 6 chickens, a handsome rooster, gorgeous peking, 5 cats, a farm, a marriage and a long gravel driveway. Even without all of these things, life is hard.

You want my truth? Here is my perfect day. I wake up slowly and make my way downstairs. Drink a delicious cup of coffee, in silence, on the screened porch. When it is cold out, I will 'turn on’ the fire place and snuggle into my favorite llama blanket. I’ll read a book, meditate, pray and write. Eventually, the kids will wake and we will eat breakfast. Then we will do a few chores and take the dog for a walk/run. Somedays we will go on an adventure, other days we will adventure at home. We will work in the greenhouse. We will learn. I will share my life with those I love. I will partner with amazing people and help them set a foundation of health for their families. My best friends will come over and we will celebrate the life we are creating because we made a commitment to impact the lives of others. We will have time for each other. We will make dinner. We will love well.

Isn’t this a dream?

Friends, there is no dream too big. I am working hard to manifest this reality. BUT, the road to get where I am going is paved with pot holes and sharp turns and steep slopes covered in ice. Let’s break this down. The road = life; the shitty road conditions = distractions from your most important work. Interesting. Guess what? The potholes never goes away. There are always unforeseen bends in the road. Do you think the dog stops chewing stuff? The kids stop fighting? The dishwasher doesn’t break? The laundry folds itself? The tree doesn’t fall down on the fence? The van doesn’t need gas when I’m already late?

Every. Damn. Day.

What’s MY lesson? Hallelujah anyways. For oh so long, God has been beating me over the head with this: life is going to continue to happen TO you, Kim, unless you see that it is happening FOR you. My not so humble pride had it all together. ‘I’ve got this.’ My life is perfect, and put together and I can do all the things without the mess, except I wasn’t doing all the things. In fact, I was allowing the cares of the day, the ‘something,’ be my excuse for not showing up #truthbomb #isaidit. So at the end of the day, all I was left with was some folded laundry, a van full of gas, a dog who still chews stuff and that amazing feeling of resentment that I didn’t courageously follow my heart…

Y’all, the reality of our best life is our perception of it. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is it.” Proverbs 23:7. When we see life as happening TO us, it is always a struggle. When we see life as happening FOR us, we get to write the book, make the call, do the burpee and love the child. We get to Hallelujah anyway.

I am so proud of myself. I’m not finished. It is a relentless battle, but the book will be written. The lives will be changed. The coffee will be drank (in peace and quiet). Fight the fight. Learn the lesson and you will be proud too.