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Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

I am susceptible, are you?

In a society who prides itself on rapid results, bigger, better, more, NOW - are we really getting ahead? I call BS. While it is easier to get something, accomplish something, make a purchase or find the answer, we are busier, unhealthier and less fulfilled than ever.

My thoughts on why:

There is so much less perceived value in everything that we do that it is now never good enough nor is it ever enough.

Damn. I’m really feeling this lately. I want success now.

Y’all, I have done the 7 minute workout every day this week! Where’s my six pack at?

I want my skin to be clear and vibrant

I want my business to be organized and thriving

I want my kids to be polite and kind to others and each other

I want my marriage solid

I want my dog to not be an A-hole

I want my faith strong

I want to make an impact in the world beyond my walls

I want it all now, but nothing besides Amazon Prime comes in an instant. I don’t care if we are talking about getting fit, training a dog or impacting someone’s life. This can not be done quickly. This can not be done in waves of activity. This can not be done without small, consistent, dedicated effort to a gratification WAY down the road.

I really struggle here, because

How can I teach my kids the power of perseverance, dedication and consistent effort over time if I can not hang tough?

Fortunately, life is not about grandiose gestures, fireworks and bigger, better, more. Life is actually made of up a series of seemingly insignificant moments, strung together to create something beautifully unique. I know this, I preach this, my practice is just a little rusty.

Don’t let the allure of more steal your gratitude for what is. It is a vicious cycle that will leave you unfulfilled and without joy. Trust me.

There is value in every little thing that you do, so do it consistently. Be proud of the efforts that you make, no matter how insignificant they seem. Trust that the path and the plan is before you and all you need to do it show up and take a small step. Everyday.

I will, if you will?

7 minute workout

7 minute workout