Triangle Urban Farm

We have a vision of a simple life. One centered around serving, connecting and inspiring. Life starts around the kitchen table and we are on a mission to bring it back. Real people. Real food. Real life. We can, and we want to help you too.



Life is hard. Life is busy. In this fast paced, rush, run world, we felt like family was an after thought. We decided to do something about it.


Through Him anything is possible. When you find your purpose and stay true to your heart, fulfillment will follow. Be captivated by your purpose instead of paralyzed by your fear. Our greatest fear should end o life regrets. Be strong in faith. Be bold is spirit. Be true in heart. When you step into who you are meant to be, He uses you to impact the world.




Food fuels us. Food inspires us. Food connects us. It doesn’t have to be challenging to eat well. Our mission is to bring fresh, living food to EVERYONE and make it as simple and convenient as possible to make good choices. Nutrition is foundational to life. Eat Well to Be Happy.